High Performance Adhesives

Loctite is the best high performance adhesive and sealant recognized world widely. With its immeasurable range of new products and improved technology, this has allowed us to be more competitive in this industry.


Filtration Solutions

The ongoing increase of Filtration requirements by engineering, manufacturing and mining companies has led us to collaborate with Donaldson and Fleetguard filters who are the best in the market.


Earth Mover Tyres

We have the ability to design a customised solution for earth mover machines, specific types of tyres for specific types of grounds and work to be accomplished so as to enable a maximum productivity.


High Precision Measurement Tools

Mitutoyo calipers have been responding brilliantly to rigid precision demands from manufacturing, servicing and mining companies. Over the years our reputation and service level have allowed us to expand our product range on either digital or mechanical caliper models considerably.


Parker High Pressure Hoses

Parker supplies a comprehensive range of small and large High Performance Hoses. This brand is trusted and highly recommended by professionals for hydraulic machinery.


High Performance Corrosion Prevention Lubricants

Our rust preventive oils are a blend of dearomatised solvent, and carefully selected performance additives which provide over than 6 months indoor protections. Our brands are premium quality dewatering rust preventive which are effective on both ferrous and non-ferrous metal. We avail these oil brands such as Quaker, Daubert Cromwell and Ensis.


Anti-Fog Lens Cleaning Tissues

Bausch+Lomb is one of the oldest operating companies in the United States of America that provides eye care solutions. We are privileged to supply pre-moistened lens cleaning tissues which comply with the safety regulating principles of mining companies.



We meet our customers’ requirements by sourcing high quality bolts and nuts from reputable suppliers around the world. Through our wide and deep range of stainless steel, mild steel and high tensile steel sets of fasteners we supply bolts and nuts, washers, threaded rods, circlips, sockets screws, U-bolts and many more.